Kentucky Athletes compete in the most competitive conference in collegiate sports. We respect and value the Kentucky student-athletes who participate at the highest levels. For Kentucky teams to remain competitive in NIL, and to rightly compensate our athletes for their NIL, it is essential to aggregate the collective resources of the fans and businesses across the commonwealth and beyond. The 15 Club allows for that support to be pooled together and help Kentucky student-athletes and their teams excel in and outside of the arena. 
The 15 Club enters into Name-Image-Likeness Agreements (“NIL Agreements”) with Kentucky student-athletes. Under the NIL Agreement and in return for compensation, a student-athlete licenses his or her publicity rights to The 15 Club, and The 15 Club utilizes the publicity rights by promoting the student-athlete on this website, at events, and in other ways. Compensation is paid in monthly installments to student-athletes. 
Yes. The 15 Club’s NIL Agreements with student-athletes are non-exclusive. This allows a student-athlete the flexibility to enter into additional NIL Agreements with other businesses or third parties.  The 15 Club administers many of those third-party NIL Agreements by drafting contracts for use by the third parties and allowing the third parties to utilize The 15 Club’s compliance and payment abilities. This provides athletes and third parties the ability to easily enter into and execute NIL deals. 
No. The contract amounts vary based on the student-athlete and their NIL. For instance, higher-profile athletes may receive more compensation than lesser-known athletes. Each NIL Agreement is individually negotiated and agreed upon by the student-athlete and The 15 Club. The 15 Club also assists its student-athletes when they desire to enter into third-party NIL Agreements, by which the student-athletes may earn additional compensation. 
NIL Agreements entered into by The 15 Club are limited in time and scope to provide protection of funds in the event of unforeseen circumstances.